Bird strike prevention

Bird strike airplane prevention

The value of a bird strike airplane prevention can’t be understated. We all love nature and the many wonders it brings us. Where it not for birds themselves humanity might have never discovered the beauty and practical uses of flight for itself. Our fascination with these animals and their ability to sore high above us traveling to far of places has always sparked our imagination. For thousands of years the great thinkers of humanity have looked up against these animals and wondered how to emulate their gift. It is ironic though that even though birds purely by their existence have contributed to the development for our flying machines these animals now present in some regards our greatest threat while flying. Bird strike airplane prevention has never been more important than today when on a daily base thousands of people take to the skies.

When you’re looking for a partner who has an innovative approach towards bird strike airplane prevention you’ll find that partner in us: Clear Flight Solutions. We utilise a new form of bird strike airplane prevention were we make use of both state of the art technology and ancient natural knowledge. A method of working that can be used as well in other situations were bird control with Clear Flight Solutions is required.

A new and effective way of bird strike airplane prevention

We all know what can happen when a bird strikes an airplane. It’s a scenario we rather not think about. Still, we have to. We cannot allow birds to endanger one of the most used form of transportation. On the other hand is it imperative that we treat this problem with concern for mother nature itself and understand that by learning about the nature of these animals we truly can find a truly effective form  of bird strike airplane prevention. What frightens a bird more than anything else? It is, of course, it’s natural predator. Training real live birds of prey is not always ideal. It is still an animal that is prone to error which can make the problem it’s supposed to solve even worse. No worries though. We have found a way to utilise the fear of these natural predators for bird strike airplane prevention.

Discover the value of our bird drone

By the use of our drones we can make sure the solution we offer is an enduring one. We are active in more ways than in the case bird strike airplane prevention alone. For many industries our services can have a great positive impact. For example farmers are well suited to use our methods to scare off birds from their fields where they otherwise could cause extreme damage to the crops. We can use our drones to even alter the migration routes of many birds. It is not just bird strike airplane prevention that we can accomplish.

Bird strike airplane prevention is our business

Our drones looking like apex predators are well designed to look as real as possible. Of course they actually use their wings to fly. We have taken great care in their appearances and of course we make use of their respective sizes. Our bird drones aren’t for sale and we have developed two different kinds. The peregrine falcon and the eagle. These two types of birds encompass the fear of all kind of birds that manage to cause trouble. It makes them ideal for business like bird strike airplane prevention.

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